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    School Dances & Proms

    Sinclair hosts school dances and proms like no other! Our professional DJs stay up-to-date with the latest songs and trends so that there’s no way your party will be boring. Our extensive library includes more than 40 top hottest songs. The special effects lighting will add the atmosphere to your party!

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    Corporate Events

    We host a lot of corporate events including product launches, trade shows, holiday celebrations, team-building events, award banquets, employee accomplishments, and many others. Our expert DJs can promise that they will bring together your whole company on the dance floor! We work hard to make your event fun, upbeat, and memorable.

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    Private Parties

    Sinclair is your perfect choice for any private party celebration, whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, newborn shower, reunion, or any other. We are proud to provide the best quality music and create an extraordinary atmosphere for any occasion.


Sinclair congratulates you with your engagement and thanks you for choosing us to help you celebrate your long-expected big day! We understand that your wedding is the most significant one-in-a-lifetime event in your life, so we will take into account every detail. We will provide advanced special effect lighting, consider your tastes, wedding theme, style, venue decor, and so on. Our DJs will work closely with you from the ceremony through to the celebration to create the wedding of your dreams!

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